Do You Golf Naked?

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 25, 2009 Product Reviews

You need to be comfortable at the golf course. That’s because this game can strip you completely bare without warning or regret—physically, mentally and emotionally. Golf requires so much attention, and can be so utterly humiliating, that everything else must support the focused effort necessary to execute your swing. If you aren’t comfortable in all of golf’s language, behaviors, nuances and preparations, then your willingness to dive into its depths will certainly suffer.

Golf, Naked will give you confidence. It offers the understanding that no one cares how well you play because everyone is worried about his or her own actions. No one ever remembers your score. But everyone will remember how you look and act. These tips and techniques will help you master the rest of the game—the real stuff that truly demonstrates experience, comfort, confidence, class, humility and ultimately, golfing grace.

Golf, Naked is an easy read, packed with laughs, tips, tales, tests, tricks of the trade, pithy quotes and lessons for life. What makes it unique is that it’s written by a bona-fide, sweater-folding, club-selling, lesson-giving, cart-washing, vest-wearing PGA Golf Pro. It’s a guide to handle all the things that regularly get screwed up, such as life at the 19th hole, guest-hosting, sandbagging, etiquette, golf-gambling, slow play, the swing, the game, its rules, event planning or the myriad of other factors that can sabotage your time at the course.

If a golf swing takes two seconds (which it doesn’t), and a player shoots 100, then in a four-hour round, only three minutes are actually spent ‘golfing.’

Golf, Naked covers the rest of the game—the 99 percent that no one talks about, which is the stuff that compels a golfer to come back again, even after a lousy performance.

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