Great Golf in 15 Minutes…?

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 26, 2009 Product Reviews, Stories

“Your clubs are not the problem. It’s your swing!”

This is the cover line on an interesting instructional DVD we had the chance to peruse recently upon our return from the MWG show in Boise. It’s a simple, obvious truth that you can never hear often enough. In fact, nearly the entire program (offered by former LPGA caddy Lance McWilliams) revolves around this idea, while also taking aim at “traditional” instruction for a lack of improvement in the average golfer’s game over the past 30 years.

Too much is taught, he argues, leaving the student lost in a crowded sea of swing thoughts.

This argument is certainly debatable, but McWilliams—by no means a touring pro or even scratch player himself—does make some sound observations that any PGA professional would be hard pressed to disagree with.

For example, he is adamant that a successful golf swing is not about size or stature so much as it is about technique. Specifically, he stresses the importance of balance and freedom of movement while also delving into ball position, stance, key “lock and load” movements and some overlooked aspects of power generation.

One thing is for sure—golf is a cob salad of sometimes conflicting “right answers.” McWilliams’ answer to this conundrum is “15 Minute Golf,” which seeks to cut down the fluff. What’s left, thankfully, is some very simple and straightforward advice.

Is it a worthy substitute for a good hands-on lesson from your local PGA professional? Probably not, but its focus on the fundamentals is commendable.

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