2010 Expo Preview

MWG show returning to Boise

Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 29, 2009 Events

February 2009 marked the first year of the Mountain West Golf Expo, held at the Taco Bell Arena in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

We can’t thank our exhibitors enough for their presence, positive attitudes and support. In the wake of a show that was once on the verge of collapse, we feel this inaugural Expo is a crucial step in building up a mutual celebration of what we all hold to be the greatest game on the planet. Vendors at the early spring event ranged from public courses to private clubs, equipment reps to youth programs and key player associations to professional instructors. In addition to grand prize raffles for golf vacations and more than 25 door prizes announced at the show, attendees also enjoyed special instructional offerings from the Rocky Mountain Section PGA, a broad array of equipment demos and fun contests for putting and driving.

Got suggestions for next year’s show in the Treasure Valley? How about a MWG Expo in your own town or area? Visit us at www.mountainwestgolf.com and let us know what you’re thinking. Meanwhile, take note of the following input we gathered from some of our first year’s vendors and visitors at the 2009 Mountain West Golf Expo in Boise.

• One word: Nampa. Two more words: Idaho Center. Look into it!

• Equipment is fine, but add in more instruction. Perhaps even a center stage where everyone can see the pros as they teach, swing and talk.

• Bigger nets. Much, much bigger nets so you can actually see some ball flight!

• Thanks for finally getting some club reps to the show [Tour Edge, Cleveland]. Keep ‘em coming. Keep ‘em involved.

• Lots of follow-up would help. Let everyone know how much fun you had. Post a gallery of all the activities, giveaways and contests!

• Special show-only deals drive traffic!

We love to see “show specials” on clubs, extras and passes, etc. Work with vendors to make sure they have something special up their sleeves.

• We love the contests and giveaways. Try adding some more chipping and pitching competitions! Get a full-blown swing simulator in there…

• Don’t hesitate to put up posters in pro shops outside of Boise. If they know ahead of time, they will come.

• What was up with that crazy guy running around with the camera. You’ve got to get him under control. He’s a menace…

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