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Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 29, 2009 Product Reviews

Made for the Shade

There’s more to golf than looking cool, and there’s more to golf than tracking your ball flight. Put these two benefits together, however, and you’ve got a must-have accessory. Specifically, we’re talking about an amazing pair of shades that offer a perfect blend of performance and style.

HaberVision offers some of the finest metal framed polarized sunglasses in the world. Frames are made of either Trillium, Stainless Steel, Ti-22 Titanium or Ti-64 Beta titanium.

MWG staffers had the chance to test out a few of them, and these shades did the job. Greens were easier to read, ball-flight was much easier to track and the look in the mirror wasn’t too shabby, either. Compared to other brands we had on hand, these shades were also superior in cutting glare. For late-evening rounds, these sunglasses are darn-near a necessity.

If you’re looking for cheap polarized sunglasses, look elsewhere.

For more information, check out HaberVision online at or call 800-621-4381.

Without stooping to one of a hundred or so off-color quips, suffice it to say this gift is for the man who has everything. It normally fetches $14.99 but is now available online for just $11.99.

This unique, ultra suede, patented sack is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Its functional design holds golf balls, beer pong balls, bullets, poker chips, etc.

Contact: (801) 391-7515;


TrueStroke Golf Putters offer a revolutionary design geared toward improving your putting game. With every club head perfectly balanced in each direction, you will get consistent, straight results. These putters will not naturally “open up” as other putters on the market will tend to do as you draw back for your stroke.

Each putter is hand tested and aligned for exceptional results on the golf course. TrueStroke Golf Putters are available in Standard (left and right), or in a Belly Putter design. Every putter comes with a custom padded club cover.

Contact: (208) 466-7059



Sun Mountain first introduced the ClubGlider travel bag in 2008 to rave reviews for the bag’s extendable legs and wheels that support 100 percent of the weight while eliminating the repeated bending and lifting required with traditional travel bags. For 2009, ClubGlider continues to evolve, and multiply into a series of three different models: Pro, Meridian and Cascade.

ClubGlider literally glides from car to luggage counter and back again with retractable legs that easily extend and then tuck away securely for travel.

And, thanks to the maneuverability of ClubGlider’s pivoting wheels, walking around is effortless. ClubGlider offers all or more of the protection and storage space of a traditional golf travel bag while eliminating the heavy lifting and constant bending required to get through the airport.

The 2009 Meridian is in stores now with a full-suggested retail of $319. The Pro model will be available in December at $349 and the Cascade in early 2009 at $269.

Contact: (800) 227-9224


Titleist Irons

Talk about bag appeal! Sure, they’re not for everyone, but Titleist’s AP1 irons are advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity weapons that offer a wealth of forgiveness for both skilled and aspiring players.

AP1’s high technology, multi-material construction features a precision cast steel body, tungsten nickel box, elastomer cushion and aluminum cavity plate to deliver outstanding performance and feel. The high-density tungsten nickel box is laser welded to the back and sole. This locates the center of gravity in the center, low, and deep to improve launch conditions. The box structure and tungsten nickel material tune low frequency vibration for unmatched solid feel.

The dual cavity design of AP1 pushes weight to the perimeter. The central cross member with soft elastomer cushion provides rigidity behind the face for solid feel while reducing face vibration. Titleist AP1 irons offer a contemporary, confidence inspiring appearance in the playing position with soft blends, modern proportions and semi-underslung hosel. The metallic cavity plate tunes sound and feel and provides attractive cosmetics for great bag appeal.


Pingi15 Hybrid

As a highly acclaimed producer of forgiving irons, it only makes sense that Ping, of all companies, would be a leader in the evolving world of hybrids. Enter the i15 model, which couples a beautiful top view with cutting edge technology for workable shots both from the fairway and the tee (not to mention its true forte—the rough). The strides toward better moment of inertia is definitely a factor in the design of this club, as is an internal weighting system. (The latter is used throughout the i15 lineup of woods and drivers). Lofts are one degree stronger than normal hybrids, but you’ll still enjoy plenty of arc and a penetrating ball flight. The club features either a TFC 700H Shaft or the UST AXIVcore Tour Red 85 hybrid shaft.