Miller's Miracle

A novel by sportswriter John Nemo

Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 29, 2009 Product Reviews, Stories

It might be a golf novel, but Miller’s Miracle by John Nemo poses a proposition any weekend duffer would die for – a chance to earn a spot in the PGA Championship.

Haunted by the loss of his father, David Miller steps onto a golf course in the middle of Iowa unaware his life is about to change forever. Because what happens on that sleepy Midwestern course is the unveiling of a God-given ability to hit a golf ball that few athletes have ever possessed.

And as he begins falling in love with the game that at one time had separated him from his father, something far more important begins stirring deep inside Miller’s soul.

At the same time, a CBS television executive desperate to boost his network’s sagging golf ratings creates something every weekend hacker dreams of – a national amateur tournament open to anyone willing to wield a club. And its grand prize – a spot in the upcoming PGA Championship at Hazeltine National alongside the game’s greats – brings everyone from NCAA college golf champions to parish priests spilling onto courses across the United States.

David Miller joins them, buoyed by the one man – his new caddie and mentor, Roy Reardon – who believes in his breathtaking-but-unpolished talent. And before his final putt finds its way into the cup, David Miller will encounter an opportunity to change his life – and thousands more – forever.

Written by veteran sportswriter and author John Nemo, Miller’s Miracle highlights several of Minnesota’s most well-known golf courses, including Hazeltine National, site of the 2009 PGA Championship.

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