The Fabric of Performance

Sweet 2010 Threads from Antigua

Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 29, 2009 Product Reviews

The Antigua brand’s genuine golf performance apparel for Spring 2010 will be the next phase in performance golf wear. Performance as a category has been around for a number of years now, but it’s really only in the latter five years that it’s been accepted as a mainstream golf collection category, as bought by green grass buyers and sought after by the savvy consumers.

As it came into mainstream golf, the early generations of performance were mostly based on fabrics that came from active categories such as running or tennis, that had earlier made the leap to modernize performance fabrications in their classifications. In golf the styling, similarly, were adaptations of active lifestyle looks. The color blocking and fabric blocking (mixing of a variety of fabric textures), bright colors and active detailing became the obvious choice to have these golf garments appear to esthetically say performance. Since the performance category has now widely become accepted by all courses and all demographics of customers it opens up the opportunity to have the golf performance apparel category evolve.

For Spring 2010 Antigua reintroduces its golf performance apparel collections as the next evolution of performance.

Following direction from the fashion market and translating its product into golf appropriate performance apparel, Antigua has expanded its demographic appeal in both directions. It has updated the color palette with rich warm colors, updated the performance fabric offerings, fine tuned the golf spec, simplified the packaging and updated the branding.

What does that mean for you? Three words: Desert Dry Technology. This is a moisture wicking technology that absorbs and wicks moisture quickly and evenly to achieve the most efficient evaporation possible to keep you comfortable and dry. Antigua apparel is routinely tested under the hottest conditions of the Arizona Desert to assure that it meets a high standard of moisture wicking performance.