New Life for Old Works!

Anaconda, MT course looking ahead to 2015

Published in the May 2015 Issue Published online: May 04, 2015 Courses, Stories

Despite some rumors swirling about that the facility would be closing, things are looking up for continued operations of Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda, MT.

In fact, season passes went on sale this month. An individual pass runs $825 with $1,080 for couple. You can also get a prepaid punch pass. A diamond pass for $499 will get you 18 18­-hole rounds. A $250 NICKEL package will get you seven 18­-hole rounds, and a $295 Bronze package is good for a dozen 9-hole rounds.

Special pass deals are also available for carts and the Old Works’ incredible practice facility.

Another cool development for Old Works and other Troon courses is a program simply titled, “Troon Values Your Time.” It’s all about promoting a better pace of play.

According to Troon, each facility “has calculated its own Time Par by evaluating the

appropriate length of time a golfer should comfortably play and enjoy the course.” To help facilitate this idea, each course has designated Pacesetter Times specifically for players committed to playing 20 minutes under the Time Par. The program comes with a list of Troon Pacesetter Tips that we can all learn from:


1. Play your tees: Choose a set of tees with a rating of 142 minus your handicap index. Or
 just tee it forward.

2. Play Ready Golf (tee to green): When a player is at their ball or on the tee box and is ready to play, they should play. Take no more than 45 seconds to hit your shot.

3. Be cart smart: Drop off your partner and drive to your ball. When you leave the cart, take three clubs, not one. Park behind greens.

4. Use rules with discretion: Take no more than three minutes to look for balls and take relief.

5. Keep Moving: Proceed quickly to your ball and be ready when it's your turn to hit.

6. See it, read it, hole it: While others are putting, prepare for your putt. Go to the next tee.

7. Be accountable: Recognize that slow play isn't just other players' fault.

For more information, visit Old Works’ site at Whether for practice or play, we strongly encourage any Interstate 90 travelers to do themselves a favor and take the exit into Anaconda. This is a a great course from a legendary designer. It deserves some love.