Welcome to Mountain West Golf

Since the early days of homesteading, irrigation development, community building and frontier taming, the mountain west region in the United States has grown up just as much as it has grown out. To say the least, the lure of our golf courses here have expanded far beyond the mountain ranges that once defined our area. Golfing in the mountain west has certainly changed its identity many times over, but in all its transitive guises, golfing here has enchanted its inhabitants and visitors in a way that few regions can. You don’t have to live here to appreciate the unique courses either as visitors from all over the world converge to the mountain west to experience breath-taking courses unlike any other part of the country. Mountain West Golf is focused on the golf courses and play in the mountain west region and is part of the Harris Publishing family of magazines and newsletters. The Harris staff is made up of avid golfers who live for days on the green and work as hard as they play. It is our sincere and unwavering belief that we will continue to bring you a high level of editorial golfing content – and unabashed enthusiasm – that is focused on the mountain west in the many years to come.





GREG LARSEN -SALES (Wyoming/Montana)



 BRAD  ANDERSON -SALES (Idaho/ Nevada)