With our narrow seasonal window for pasture pool, we’re always on the lookout for nifty gadgets and gizmos that provide plenty of year-round entertainment and instruction. One of our faves as of late is the Optishot Golf 2 simulator, a briefcase-sized golf gizmo that combines the latest in analytic and shot tracer technology with a user-friendly interface.

It works with every club in our bags, and features precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, each calibrated to track our favorite clubs before, during and after contact.

The simulator transmits data to either a Mac or Windows computer in real time after every swing. Specifically, it tracks speed, tempo, club plane and hand path.

In play mode, the user selects from an exclusive course library which displays realistic 3D images of popular world-class golf courses with multiple camera views. For practice mode, the PinPoint will track and record progress.

OptiShot Live feature allows users to play 18 holes against other golfers from down the street or across the globe without ever leaving the house. Not exactly an idea to promote for peak season, but when the snow shuts us down, this kind of a solution makes all kinds of sense.

Available at: Optishot Golf

Price: $ 499.99?Website:  www.optishotgolf.com