Some Sunshine And Good Times

Advantages of golfing in the mountain west

By Seth Harper


Augusta National Golf Course has two things that golf courses in the mountain west don’t have: The Masters and humidity. One a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the other a brutal reminder that you’re in the south. While golf courses in Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming may not host The Masters, they do come with mild summers full of sunshine and good times. And while some may enjoy the humidity, the rest of us prefer not to be dripping in sweat by the second hole thank you very much.

The mountain west weather has you ready to go another 18 after finishing the first, and there are some great courses to do that on. The mountains provide these courses with unique views and natural terrain that you just can’t find anywhere else.


Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Club

It’s not often you go to a course seeking out one hole, but that might be the case at this golf course in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The 14th hole is called The Floating Green, because, well, it’s floating. It takes a boat to get to the green on this hole on Lake Coeur d’Alene, unless you fancy a quick swim to cool off. The Floating Green restaurant allows you to further enjoy the spectacle of this hole.

A first-class resort right on the lake will make this more than just a golf trip. Pools, shops and nightlife provide golf enthusiasts with plenty of entertainment in the shorts breaks between tee times.


Grand Elk Golf Course

Along the Colorado River and a 90 minute drive from Denver, Colo., is Grand Elk Golf Course. It was designed in 2003 by Tripp Davis, the founder and show runner of Tripp Davis and Associates, and Craig Stadler, the 1982 Masters champion. With names like that leading the charge, a stunning course was erected.

This isn’t your typical golf course, either. It challenges a golfer’s creativity and ability to adapt on the go with rolling hills and vegetation along the water. If you’re looking for a flat course that isn’t there to give you a headache with balls rolling every which way, this might not be the course for you.


Rock Creek Cattle Company Golf Course

Ranked the best golf course in Montana by Golf Digest for 2021-2022 is a course that will really make you feel you’re out in the middle of nowhere. The Rock Creek Cattle Company golf course amplifies the “Big Sky Country” name by creating an escape from reality and placing you directly in the wilderness.

The 18 holes live on 350 acres and despite its size, each hole is a short walk away from the start of the next one. Still have energy after golfing? Enjoy fishing, horseback riding or a number of other outdoor adventure activities.


Teton Pines Golf Course & Club

Nestled below the Teton Mountains lies Jackson Hole, Wyo., an under the radar tourist spot where celebrities like Kanye West own vacation homes to get away from the mundane flow of city life. Just six miles from the town of Jackson is Teton Pines, a beautiful golf course with lakes, trees and an unbeatable view of the Teton Mountain Range.

Teton Pines, an award-winning Arnold Palmer signature course, features 18-holes at an elevation of 6,200 feet, which just might help you set a personal record on your drive with balls whizzing through the thin air.